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Stacey D. Guthrie-Aldinger, Ed.S., LPC-S, RPT, NCC, NCSC


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The school counseling program at Olive Branch Elementary School is designed to be comprehensive in nature based on data analyzed to ensure the needs of all students are met. 

The school counselor advocates for every child through, counseling, collaborating, and consulting with parents, teachers, and other professionals to move them towards a successful life. 

Counseling is delivered by a Licensed Professional Counselor who is a Board Qualified Supervisor, a Registered Play Therapist, National Board Certified Counselor and School Counselor, and has a Specialist Degree in counselor education. The counselor meets qualifications in both school and mental health.


  1. All students are capable of learning when given the support they need.
  2. All students are worthy of dignity and respect.
  3. All students have equitable access to the school counseling program.
  4. All students have a right to be heard.
  5. All students have a right to remain silent.
  6. All students grow at various rates in all areas of development.  This process cannot be sped up. All students deserve patience with the developmental process.
  7. All students are capable of positive self-direction. They are capable of dealing with their world in creative ways.
  8. All students are people and capable of experiencing a wide range of emotions and pain.
  9. The counseling program should always be malleable to allow for the specific needs of all students.
  10. The counselor will follow the guidelines stated by the American School Counseling Association.

DeSoto County Schools’ highest concern is the safety of the students. In providing a safe environment, students can achieve academic success at their highest potential and to be life long learners.

A little bit about me. 

 I absolutely love to laugh.   I apologize in advance if you ever have to sit next to me during a funny movie.  

I like to tell jokes and will have a joke board on this website and at school.  Email me kid friendly jokes anytime.  I will post them!!!

When children start to understand jokes, it is a sign that their brains are growing.  What a great way to learn!!!

I lke to wow my 3-7 year olds at school with my many dollar tree magic tricks.  I incorporate them in my lesson.  They view me as a successful talented magician but I promise you I am not trying out for America's Got Talent.  

I make it a point each year to practice and learn each child's name.  Being personable with the children goes a long way.  I enjoy learning who they are.  All of the students at OBES will visit with me in one or more of the following ways: large group counseling, small group, or individual.

I have a wonderfully unique role as a counselor and that is to hear what each student has to say without being judged.  

Through the Mississippi Curriculum, students can talk to me and self-refer if they need to.  I encourage the students to let their parents know.  If there is a significant issue, I let them know that I am calling you.  If there is a need for ongoing counseling, then parents will have to give permission .  

The easiest and fastest way to contact me is through my school email.  I am available to schedule an in person session or one by phone.

Please ask me any questions about counseling that you have.  I primarily do play therapy since it is the most natural form of healing.  In play therapy, the focus is on the child playing out any unresolved issues and not about asking questions.  

Children will let me know what they need for me to know in order to help them move towards growth and healing.